Loukas Engineering specializes in traffic data collection, performing a majority of our counts with equipment from Miovision Technologies.  More

Traffic Counts

We conduct a wide range of research, including safety and impact studies, signal and stop sign warrants, and both speed studies and warrants. 

Traffic Studies

Through intelligent and effective design, we assist with the placement and orientation of roadside signage and pavement markings. 

Traffic Control Plans

We not only design traffic signals, but also coordinate their timing and phasing with one another to make sure that every intersection works smoothly. 

Traffic Signal Design

Loukas Engineering both designs new and reviews existing maintenance of traffic plans. 

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT Plans)

We can produce paving/resurfacing plans and specifications. 

Pavement and Resurfacing Plans

Loukas Engineering
232 19th St NW
Canton, Ohio  44709


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